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iOS 13: CPU Throttling on iPhone XR & XS-series. Is it bad?

Apple pushed CPU throttling based on battery health with iOS 13 for iPhone XR and XS-series. Here’s everything you need to know about it with pros and cons.

Apple has released iOS 13 update for all of their eligible iPhones and iPads. However, one thing which some people seem to criticize is the inclusion of CPU throttling based on battery health for the iPhone XS-series and XR. So, why did Apple added CPU throttling in iOS 13 for these devices and is it really a bad idea? That’s what we’ll clear in this article.

So, battery based CPU throttling was the reason for a lot of bashing for iPhones. Apple was secretly slowing down the older iPhones whose battery has been degraded without even informing the user and not even providing any option to disable it.

So, if you’ve updated to the latest iOS 13 on your iPhone XS-series or XR device then you have already received the update which can enable CPU throttling on your device.

What is CPU Throttling?

Apple pushed CPU throttling based on battery health with iOS 13 for iPhone XR and XS-series. Here's everything you need to know about it with pros and cons.

It is like limiting the CPU to use its full power. Hence, you might not be able to have the same level of performance in games and daily life apps like before, once it’s turned on.

Is CPU throttling based on your phone’s Battery Health really bad?

It’s kinda bad but at the same time, it isn’t.

It’s common for smartphone’s battery to degrade overtime. And with this feature, after a certain level of degradation of your phone’s battery, CPU throttling with be automatically turned on. It’ll make performance level pretty low, making gaming really bad on your device. And iPhones are known for great gaming performance, hence, it’s not really a good thing.

There is an option to disable throttling though. It’s pretty easy.

You just need to go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. Now if you see that your phone currently supports normal peak performance then it’s alright. However, if it says that performance management is applied, that means CPU throttling has been enabled.

Now if it’s enabled then just use the toggle there to turn it off. That’s all.


I personally don’t agree with this idea of Apple. It’s great that they provided an option to disable it. However, if you see the general iPhone users, they are not really technically advanced in most cases. There is really high chances there many people wouldn’t know that there is a CPU throttling enabled on their phone and they’ll just think about upgrade (which Apple wants).

Apple should show some kind of notifications to let their users know that their performance is being throttled and they need to either turn it off or replace the battery.

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