iPhone 11 which is replacing iPhone XR was released at cheaper cost than the XR. So, does the new iPhone 11 worth the price and packs everything you need?

iPhone 11: Is it really worth to buy?

iPhone 11 which is replacing iPhone XR was released at cheaper cost than the XR. So, does the new iPhone 11 worth the price and packs everything you need?

Apple recently released the new iPhone 11-series. The new iPhones are powered by A13 bionic chipset which is one of the most highlighting factor. However, the best thing about the iPhone 11 (non-Pro) is the price, it is lower than the older iPhone XR which it is replacing. The iPhone XR was released at a starting price of ₹76,990 in India and $749 in the US while the new one costs ₹64,990 in India and $699 in the US. So, now the question is- Is it worth to buy an iPhone 11?

Well, that depends on your needs. There are different needs of every person, so we’ll be talking about the factors which might change your mind about iPhone 11 and a few important things which no one else is talking about this device. And we’re sure that this article will be helpful to you to choose whether you should consider it or simply go for better value for money Android phones.

There are multiple factors which can help you decide whether the iPhone 11 is for you or not. First we’ll be starting with the points on when you should consider this device and the things which you might not find on the other devices.

Why you should buy an iPhone 11?

There are reasons when it’s better to purchase an iPhone than any Android device and that’s what you’re going to read on this section. There are some features which are better on these devices or a few things which you might not want to stop using. And that’s when it will be a good idea to choose an iPhone over better-featured Android devices.

And at its price range, this seems to be a great iPhone at its price range. You may consider iPhone XR or better yet a bit less powerful iPhone X in this price range. We’ll talk about these two devices as well in this article.

Here are the reasons-

#1 iOS Ecosystem:

iOS ecosystem in iPhones

It might be hard for some people to come out of iOS ecosystem and switch to Android. Apple devices such as Mac, iPad, iPhones and most importantly Apple Watch works great with each other. So, if you own all these Apple devices then you might wanna stick to iPhones. Apple Watch simply don’t work with Android, so if you use it then iPhone seems to be a great fit for you; or can be said the only choice.

You might be using a lot of Apple services which can only be used with iPhones or iPad, such as iCloud, key-chain (which saves your password), Game Center (which helps you log into your account in different games etc. And it might be hard for you to switch.

Some people may find Android a bit hard to use, even though I personally feel Android is more organized than iOS.

#2 Long Term Use:

Long term usage of iPhones.

Well, iPhones just lasts longer than Android phones and they also receive updates for 4 to 6 years which is simply amazing. Apple provides latest iOS updates even to their really old smartphones, even if they don’t provide every new feature.

If you compare the performance of Android smartphones having Snapdragon 835 with the smartphones (or iPad 2018) having Apple A10 Fusion than you’ll feel know how long the performance of these devices lasts. I know some of you may say that you can always flash custom ROM or overclocked kernel to increase the performance, but here is the thing- iPhone is for those who don’t like to do these kind of things. They simply want a smartphone that just works.

Also, resale value of iPhones are really good, so you will get a good amount for your really old iPhone.

Apple was found to be slowing down their old iPhones with degraded battery but they admitted it and now we all know about it. So, there is really low chances for them to do it again for their new devices without letting the users know it. So, you shouldn’t worry about it. Simply replace the battery when the battery capacity reaches really low point which will keep the performance and battery life of your phone perfect.

#3 Best for Mobile eSports:

Mobile eSports on iPhone

Yes, it is a thing. There were games like Clash Royale, Critical Ops etc. which used to host Mobile eSports Tournaments but it was not famous. Since Tencent hosted PUBG Mobile tournaments, many people were introduced to it.

If you’re someone who is into games such as PUBG Mobile and wants to be competitive player then iPhones are simply the best choice.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying Android phones are bad. They are great and if you’re someone who just wants to play for fun then Android devices are simply better because they don’t just offer similar gaming experience at less price but also have way higher battery capacity and some of them even have 90-FPS to 120-FPS support which gonna be heavenly for games like PUBG Mobile.

So, why iPhones are better for competitive players? It’s because iPhones have way better touch response when compared to Android phones. Many games works way better on iOS devices than Android in terms of FPS stability, even if on paper, Android phones beats those iOS devices.

For example, when you’re playing competitive match in PUBG Mobile, you might face frame drops in the last few circles when a lot people are alive on your really powerful Android phones, at the same time, you won’t be facing any such lags even on iPhones with A11 chipset.

Games will work great on Android when the game is developed over Vulkan API. Currently, most of the games on Android are developed over OpenGL API and that’s why even while being more powerful on paper, they face performance issues. It might change when developers start working on games with Vulkan API in future.

Some of you may say that there are Android Gaming Smartphones with 240hz Touch Sampling Rate and that’s why they will have similar to better touch response than iPhones.

They don’t. The difference might be small, but it does have an impact on your gameplay and you should be pretty good regular iPhone gamer to notice the difference.

The iPhone X and 11 series have 120hz touch sampling rate but these still have the best touch response among smartphones.

Hence, if you’re into Mobile eSports then right now, iPhone X or above will be simply the best choice for you.

#4 iMessage:

iMessage on iPhone

There are people who love to use iMessage which is only available on iOS devices. It can be a reason for you to stay with iPhones, if you and your friends are obsessed with it.

It’s not a big deal in India though, but there must be some people who must be using it in their daily life. So, this is just for those people who can’t live without it.

#5 Apple Watch:

Apple Watch support on iPhone

I did mentioned it above but it needs to be mentioned separately as well. If you’re someone who bought the expensive Apple Watch then it will be best to buy an iPhone instead of an Android phone because it is not compatible with Android phones.

You cannot use it with an iPad either. So, for the best experience with your Apple Watch, you will need an iPhone.

#6 Video Recording:

Video Recording on iPhones

iPhones might not be the best when it comes to capturing photos, but these are the best among smartphones when it comes to video recording. With iPhone 11 series, it is even better because it supports smart HDR (which is actually great) even at 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

So, if you’re someone who loves to record videos with your phone or loves to vlog then this might be the best choice for you.

#7 Wi-Fi 6:

Wi-Fi 6 support on iPhone 11-series.

Very few devices support Wi-Fi 6 at this time and luckily iPhone 11 series are one of them. It makes it kind-of future proof after Wi-Fi 6 will be officially released and more places will have Wi-Fi 6 compatibility.

Currently, Wi-Fi 6 routers are expensive but this will change with time, when there will be more competition. So, this can be actually helpful.

You can read more about Wi-Fi 6 here.

Why you shouldn’t buy iPhone 11?

Apple iPhone 11 might fit some people but at the same time, is it really worth your money? There are some reasons which makes it not worth it at all. You might change your mind after reading all these downsides, so make sure that you read all of them. 🙂

#1 Design:

Design of iPhone 11

Not a big deal? Yeah, the design is quite boring and old-school yet people might not consider it a big deal.

It still has a huge notch which looks really bad and huge bezels which are bigger than many Android phones costing around ₹15,000. It’s simply personal preference. It might not affect you at all and if it doesn’t then it’s not an issue for you

#2 Display:

iPhone 11 Display Quality

Okay, so here is the thing. Some people say that the iPhone 11 and XR have bad display because it has IPS LCD display and that’s 720p, according to them.

However, that’s not true. iPhone 11 and XR have premium IPS LCD display which has really perfect colour reproduction and great viewing angles. And it has 828p screen resolution which results in 326 PPI, which is decent for most people.

What’s the problem here? The display at that price.

It costs ₹64,990 or $699 and still have IPS LCD display and that too with just 326 PPI.

Well, the display is not bad but any device which costs this much should have OLED display with at least 1080p resolution.

There are many smartphones which costs less than half of this price and still have better display. Yes, devices such as OnePlus 7 (and even 6T) have better display than this.

You might say that some random YouTuber did a blind-test by people by comparing 1080p screen resolution device with iPhone XR and people choose iPhone XR instead of that glorious 1080p display smartphone.

Yeah, those people chose it because iPhone XR actually have better display than that device. Oh, wait! Do you know the device which that YouTuber used to compare? It was Pocophone F1 and the device is known for having poor display and even some display issues. There are devices which costs about ₹12,000 having better display than that phone.

iPhone 11 and XR surely have great looking display but at that price, it does not make any sense. Believe it or not.

Fun part? There are many devices at this price range and some even lower which got 90hz display, hence they can show 90-FPS in its display. Some devices costing more (and upcoming devices) are also having 120-FPS support. And here, you got 828p 60hz IPS LCD panel, even if it’s “the most advanced LCD panel”.

By the way, OnePlus 7 Pro which costs less than iPhone 11 and XR have 2K resolution display and 90hz panel, without having a notch. 🙂

#3 Charger in-box:

iPhone 11 charger

Okay, so iPhone 11, just like last year’s iPhone XS, XS Max and XR comes with 5W charger. That’s marvelous.

Yes, they did provide 18W fast charger with the Pro models, but the standard one was not lucky enough to get it. Meanwhile, almost every mid-range Android phone comes with 10W charger. I agree that these phones have more battery capacity than iPhones, hence they also take a long time to charge, but… 5W charger, really?

There are phones which cost less than half of that and comes with 18W to 20W charger. And some which costs less even come with 30W charger.

Okay, let’s not ask them for 18W charger but they should at least bundle the iPad charger (10W) which comes with iPad 2018 which costs like ₹20,000 in offers.

#4 Value for Money:

Is iPhone 11 value for money?

It isn’t. Well, it’s definitely true that iPhones lasts really long but at the same time, think from different perspective. Let’s say a smartphone costing about ₹30,000 is enough for your needs but you want to purchase iPhone 11, because it’ll last at least 5 years. It isn’t logical.

Android phones do last long enough now. Don’t judge current Android devices (especially OnePlus smartphones) by your experience with old Samsung phones.

You can easily use current flagship Android phones from brands like OnePlus and Pixel for about 2-3 years without facing lags and have updates as well. And then change your device to a newer one with better features. Isn’t it more logical?

I know Apple provides updates for 4 to 6 years and they provide new iOS updates at the same time to all of their supported smartphones, but if you don’t need iOS and can be happy with Android then you can enjoy two great smartphones at the cost of an iPhone 11 which will feel outdated in terms of features and design (which is already outdated) after some time.

#5 LTE Connectivity:

LTE connection quality on iPhone 11.

Now you may ask how is it in downsides? And might argue with me that it supports Gigabit LTE which is not available in most locations and considering India don’t even have LTE speed like 200Mbps at the moment, it might be enough for you? No, that’s not the problem.

It supports only 2×2 MIMO while phones costing half of it supports 4×4 MIMO. It’s not widely available here in India, but it does have a huge impact when it’s available.

If some place supports 4×4 MIMO and you use iPhone 11 or XR there then you will experience slower speed, up-to two times than phones supporting 4×4 MIMO. It’s a big deal, believe it or not.

It might not be available right now but it will be available sometime later. And you might be planning to use it for a long time, so this service might be available in your area while you’re still having this device. Imagine, some Redmi user is getting better 4G speed than your iPhone.

You can read more about it here.

Not just the speed, but the signal reception might not be as good as the phones with 4×4 MIMO.

#6 Superfast 5G:

5G on iPhone 11.

In some countries, 5G is available but the iPhone 11 is not 5G-compatible. So, if you’re someone who is planning to use your phone for like 5 years then you might need to use 5G WiFi dongle to experience 5G. It’s not a big problem right now, at least in India. Considering 5G should be released some time in 2021-2022 in India and the coverage will still be an issue for most places even then.


It totally depends on your needs and desires to choose whether iPhone 11 gonna be good for you or not. It might not look like worth the price but for some people, it might simply be the best choice. So, if you’ve read the whole article then I hope you were successful in deciding whether iPhone 11 is a good choice for you or not.

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