Apple released iPhone 11 and iPhone XR with an 828p IPS display. So, is the display of these phones really bad or they're perfect for the price?

Is the display of iPhone 11 and XR really bad?

Apple released iPhone 11 and iPhone XR with an 828p IPS display. So, is the display of these phones really bad or they’re perfect for the price?

Apple released the iPhone 11 with the same HD+ resolution LCD panel which was used in the iPhone XR. Of course, it makes the choice for a lot of people really tough whether they should buy iPhone 11 or iPhone XR or not. So, here comes the question- is the display on iPhone 11 & XR really bad? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Apple released the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max with OLED panel having Full HD+ resolution, just like the iPhone XS and XS Max. And similarly, they equipped iPhone 11 (just like XR) with an IPS LCD panel of 828p resolution. It made many people make fun of Apple for providing such low resolution IPS panel at that price.

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Is the display on iPhone 11 & XR really bad?

It’s not a bad display. Apple is using best-in-class premium IPS LCD panel on these two devices. It cannot be called as bad display at all, considering, the colour accuracy and viewing angles are superb.

It’s not the best display out there though, even at less than half price bracket.

The display on iPhone 11 and XR have pixel density of 326 PPI. This is what Apple have been offering since the iPhone 4. This level of pixel density was great some years ago but not anymore. Almost every higher mid range to flagship smartphone is coming with at least Full HD resolution and pixel density of around 400 PPI. A lot of higher mid-range smartphones are even coming with OLED display.

A lot of smartphones from brands like Samsung, Pixel, LG etc. are coming with 2K screen resolution display at similar price range, that too OLED. And SONY even released their Xperia 1 with a whopping 4K display.

So, basically, you simply don’t deserve such display even at $699 or ₹64,900.

“But I seen a YouTuber’s blind test between iPhone XR and a 1080p display smartphone and people chose iPhone XR.”

Definitely, that video was true and I am no way claiming it to be fake.

And the reason is- the YouTube chose Pocophone F1 to compare against iPhone XR.

Look, all display panels are not the same. There are different quality of displays and just having higher resolution doesn’t make it better than lower resolution displays.

Pocophone F1’s display is considered even worse than many of Xiaomi’s mid-range smartphones. So, the YouTuber choose to compare the worst 1080p IPS panel with the best-in-class 828p IPS panel.

Also, the pixels are not that obvious to most people. If you use your phone at a good distance from your eyes then you might not find it bad anyway.

Why should it have higher resolution OLED panel?

As I said above, almost every other device is coming with FHD OLED display. Xiaomi’s Redmi K20 Pro is a great example. It cost ₹24,999 right now for the base variant having 128 GB of internal storage and Full HD AMOLED panel from Samsung. So, a smartphone having less than half price is having better display and yeah… that too without the notch.

You’re going to lose great contrast ratio, great colour reproduction (even though its display have great colour accuracy) and the sharpness which any flagship smartphone released in 2019 deserves.

If you’re going to use iPhone 11 or XR with VR Cardbox then the experience gonna be blurry. So, if you love VR cardbox, stay away from iPhone 11 and iPhone XR.


The display on iPhone 11 and XR seriously don’t deserve at that price. I know that the phone comes with the fastest A13 Bionic chipset and it comes with Apple branding, but even after that, it should have better display. Apple should have at least included full HD IPS panel if they were too poor to provide it with OLED panel.

I know most of the iPhone users who are coming from iPhone 7 (non-plus) or lower are not going to notice any difference and maybe simply find improvement in it. If you don’t mind it at all, even after understanding that such display is not good for such such an expensive phone then that’s fine. It’s your personal preference about it and if you’re happy with it, then there is no problem.

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