People love to enjoy mobile gaming on their smartphone with the likes of PUBGM & CODM. However, is it fair compared to PC Gaming in casual and competitive?

Mobile Gaming: Is it unfair compared to PC Gaming?

People love to enjoy mobile gaming on their smartphone with the likes of PUBGM & CODM. However, is it fair compared to PC Gaming in casual and competitive?

There are people who love to play games on their smartphones. It’s portable and that’s the best thing about it. To be honest, mobile gaming was not much famous before the arrival of PUBG Mobile. Tencent gave a boost to mobile gaming industry by organizing tournaments with great prize pool which made Mobile eSports a thing.

There are people who are still in denial of the existence of mobile gaming, but we’ll cover about it someday later.

This article is about- how fair is mobile gaming compared to PC gaming? There are people who play mobile games like PUBG Mobile and couldn’t play great because of their device and blames the games to be suitable for people who can afford expensive devices.

And it’s true.

Is mobile gaming not fair compared to PC gaming?

Device plays a major role to let you use your skills properly when there are no issues like frame drops and delays in actions. It’s simply best to play on a flagship smartphone instead of playing on a mid-range or low-end smartphone.

Online multiplayer shooter mobile games needs you to have a device which doesn’t drop frames and the touch response of the device remain top-notch. There are other important stuff as well, such as having great Internet connectivity.

So, it means it’s unfair right? Nope.

Similarly, you can have great improvement with more powerful computers and better gear in PC gaming.

You cannot run graphic-intensive games like PUBG on a budget PC without issues. It needs powerful hardware to run smoothly. I know, we cannot compare the graphics of PUBG and PUBG Mobile at all, but in mobile-counterpart, it is the closest thing to it.

To run such graphic-intensive games, you do need powerful hardware and that costs much more money than budget PC.

And then there are other things- high refresh monitors, gaming mouse (for better sensitivity, acceleration and control) and even gaming keyboard can help you by a small margin.

If you’re going to compare games such as CSGO, saying they run fine in budget PC then compare it with games similar to it, like Critical Ops or Bullets Force or even Stand Off 2. These games run fine even on many low-end devices.

So, either way, for the best gaming experience, you’ll need to spend more money.

You can even get an iPad, if you love mobile games and not planning to go competitive.

How about Competitive Scene?

Currently, PUBG Mobile is the only game which holds big-prize pool tournaments in online multiplayer shooter games. And it’s complicated.

In PC Games LAN tournaments’ you’re allowed to use your own Mouse, so you won’t be having difficulty with sensitivities and the computers provided are pretty powerful as well.

However, in the case of LAN tournaments by Tencent for PUBG Mobile, you’ll be given a sponsored device to play on.

Till now, apart from PMSC 2018, players weren’t given decent device to play on even once. It is usually Oppo’s or Vivo’s device, as they’re the most common sponsors.

So, isn’t that better for equality?

Kind of. There are many players who play on iPhones and high-end Android devices but there are some who play on mid-range to higher mid-range devices as well. Considering, PUBG Mobile lags even in flagship Android phones in competitive matches, it’s hard to imagine that the tournament organizers are providing higher-mid range Oppo and Vivo devices which is worse from both- hardware and software part.

It is equality but at the same time, many players cannot perform at their best level. So, I don’t find it good either. It would have been great if they provide at least flagship-level smartphone for tournaments. It’ll be even more fun to watch the stream.

And then there is more.

PUBG Mobile hosts some regional tournaments in many countries, for example PMIS and PMIT in India.

In these tournaments, playing on Tablet is allowed until online qualifiers.

Well, there are surely some advantages of playing on a tablet and it’s even more on an iPad. There is a wider view in iPad which makes enemy spotting kind easier in the grass and big screen results in better accuracy over recoil.

So, the same iPad player might not be able to perform at his best when he plays on their sponsored device. There is need of a lot of practice as well. It’s not that easy to switch from iPad to smartphone if the person learnt most things like using claw in their iPad.

So, the same player won’t be able to perform at his best if he doesn’t have much practice on a phone and not every iPad or any other Tab player have great device. It was the best mobile gaming device at its price, so many chose it over any smartphone.

There can be players who can perform better on a phone than some of these iPad players. So, they are just harming the intensive fights which we could see in their tournaments.


Mobile Gaming is pretty fair when you compare it to PC gaming. However, competitive tournaments needs to improve a lot to provide equal as well as the best gaming experience for the players. It can be done by providing the players with flagship-grade smartphone.

If you’re mobile gamer and want to be competitive player then the best bet would be to get an iPhone. It’s expensive but if you’re serious then that’s the best option available for you.

Lastly, don’t be offended that I am comparing mobile gaming with PC gaming, especially considering many PC gamers consider that there is nothing like mobile gaming. If you’re offended then this article is not for you, as you can see, it is for “mobile gamers”.

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