People suggest others to root their phone to gain the root-access privilege, but what does that mean and how is it useful? That's what we're covering here.

What is Root Privilege in Android?

People suggest others to root their phone to gain the root-access privilege, but what does that mean and how is it useful? That's what we're covering here.

The advanced Android users always recommend others to get root access on their Android phone. It’s one of the many reasons why some Android users don’t simply switch to iOS. So, what do we mean by root privilege and how useful can it be? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Before we begin, remember that I do consider having root privilege on my phone important and many others as well, but it doesn’t mean you should too. It totally depends on your needs. If you’re using properly optimised software (such as Oxygen OS) and you’re a basic user then there is really low chances that you would need to root your phone.

One more thing, there is a small risk associated with the procedure of rooting. So, keep that in mind if you’re getting ready to root it.

What is Root Privilege?

People suggest others to root their phone to gain the root-access privilege, but what does that mean and how is it useful? That's what we're covering here.

By having root privilege, you get access to modify the system files. You cannot do this without having root access.

What are the advantages of Root Privilege in Android?

There are a lot of advantages for the same. I’m going to list some of the most common but useful usage of root access.

Custom ROMs / Kernels:

It isn’t exactly done by just rooting your device. It is usually done by using custom recovery or ADB tools but they do use root privilege to flash the file.

Custom ROMs are developed by third-party developers, not your phone manufacturer. These are usually highly optimised for performance as well as battery life. If the development support for your device is great then you might see latest Android-based custom ROMs for your device way before the official release.

It can provide you better features, improved performance and battery life as well as better customisation freedom.

Custom Kernels can also be flashed. The third-party developers usually include their own custom kernel with their custom ROM, however, you can also use different custom kernel on different ROMs.


There are many tweaks which you can use once you have root access on your phone. These tweaks can help improve your phone in different ways and can even be used to improve gaming performance.

There are some apps which require root access and can help you greatly to improve different aspects of your phones. For example, GL Tools can be used to optimise the games for your device.

You can make changes to the kernel settings yourself by using apps such as Kernel Adiutor.


Some manufacturers don’t enable it by default even though the hardware on the phone supports it. So, if your phone doesn’t support it officially then you can enable it yourself when you’re having root access. It’ll enable you to have a lot of camera features which usually the stock camera app lacks. And the best part is that, you can use Google Camera at its full potential.


You can take customisations to another level by having root access. There are custom ROMs with great customisation features available and there are some apps as well which can help you make changes to the stock Android UI. So, you’re never going to be bored by seeing the same stuff.

Charging Optimisations:

Most of the custom kernels are optimised for better charging speed and efficiency. So, if you’re using custom kernel then, most likely, you’re going to experience better charging speed than the stock kernel. It’s because the custom kernel developers make changes to the charging driver.

However, don’t trust any developer blindly, try to see how trustworthy the developer is and then look at the reviews before trying it yourself. It’s because this can actually hurt your device in the long run.

Thermal Management:

It’s a really important thing for your smartphone. And custom kernel developers usually give special care on it.

Custom kernels usually have optimised thermal management which will make sure that your phone heats as low as possible even when there is heavy task going-on. So, it helps by not letting thermal throttling trigger soon.


There are a lot more to it and most popular once are illegal patches for apps which results in piracy. Hence, I didn’t include it. I would say, try not to use it for such acts because developers work hard to develop their apps and ruining their work by using it for free or disabling ads is never good.

I’d like to remind you again that rooting your device can harm your device as well. It is usually reversible and you might be able to do that yourself, but still, it is best to know the risks involved.

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